I first became enamored with the Belgian Sheepdog as a young child. It wasn't until 1972 that I was able to acquire my first Belgian Sheepdog. In 2001, after much investigation I was able to purchase Cayenne, my absolutely stunning foundation female from Karen Parsons of Quantum Belgian Shepherds. In 2005 with much thought I produced my very first Belgian Sheepdog litter. I do not take breeding a Belgian Sheepdog litter lightly. I spend many hours researching pedigrees of the potential sire for my litter. It is only when I feel comfortable with the health, temperament and conformation of a male that I decide on what I feel is the best match for my female.

My "A" litter combination produced eight beautiful puppies with rock solid temperaments and good health. Among them are three champions, two group placers and dogs who have earned obedience, herding and higher level agility titles. All are regarded as valued members of their families.



Black Ice Belgian Sheepdog Litter "C"

Black Ice Belgian Sheepdog Litter "B"

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