Kiska, May 2008

Whelped 5/2/05
BSD-EYE-1125/103F-VPI 12/31/13 OFA  BSD-3465E29F-PI,  BSD-EL1197F29-PI, BSD-TH163/36F-VPI, CHIC 43245


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Kis is just plain fun! She is absolutely fearless and has a wonderful zest for life. She was the yellow puppy in her litter and first given the name "Sunshine". She has lived up to that name and I would have to say that Kis is probably the sweetest dog I have ever known. She is a party girl who hasn't met a person or dog she doesn't like.

 Kis earned her Rally Novice title at only 8 months old, her Canine Good Citizenship at 10 months old and easily finished her American Championship with very limited showing at just 11 months old!

On 1/22/07 Kis earned her Rally Advanced title at only 20 months old and on 4/23/07 she completed her Rally Excellent title with a first place and two second placements.

On 3/22/08 Kis completed her requirements for her UCD w/placements. On 7/26/08 she completed her requirements for her AKC CD w/placements.


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