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Whelped 1/2/16

Health Checks - BSD-EYE344/6F-PI, Hips & Elbows Too Young



New Champion and BOB on 4/2/17 at 15 months old.


On October 29, 2016 Jolie went BOS/BOW over some lovely specials for another four point major at the Vancouver KC. On October 30, 2016 she picked up another single point going WB. Thank You Penny King for your beautiful presentation!

Jolie picks up her first major (4 points) at the Idaho Capital City Kennel Club show on 10/14/16.

Shown by Lesli Smith.

Jo's first 2 points and BOS at 7 months old. Expertly guided by Penny King.

Photo at 6 months taken by Jill Miller.

Jo 5.5 months old. Photo by Annette Sullivan.

5.5 Months old. Photo by Annette Sullivan.

Photos taken by Annette Sullivan at Packleader 19 Weeks

Photo at 14 Weeks

Photo at 8 Weeks

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