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Whelped 6/4/2010

BSD-3960E24F-PI BSD-EL1658F24-PI CERF BSD-2069/10, 12, 13, BSD-EYE181/49F-PI 14, 15, 16

Bebe is a very special puppy. She was the only female whelped in my second litter. She is named after my mother Bebe. This photo was taken in April, 2011 at 10 months old (by Cathy Sheeter). I have very high hopes for my Bebe. She has a dazzling personality and striking conformation. Bebe has both her majors at 8 months old.

Since moving to Washington Bebe has been training in herding. We found that she is very talented and expect to begin titling events in the near future.

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