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Whelped 6/4/10

BSD-3960E24F-PI BSD-EL1658F24-PI CERF BSD-2069/10, 12, 13, BSD-EYE181/49F-PI 14, 15, 16



Barbara Davenport and Bebe successfully fulfilled requirements for AHBA HRD1s on 3/26/17.

Thanks to Barbara Davenport Bebe completed requirements for her AHBA HTAD1 title on 2/12/17.


Bebe and Barbara completed three more legs towards her HSAsM at the All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington August 26-28, 2016. On Sunday Bebe earned a score of 98 and High in Trial under Judge Cathy Modica!! Thank You Barbara!!!

All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Bebe completed her requirements for her HSAs on Sunday, May 29, 2016. On Memorial Day she earned a leg toward her HSAsM and High in Trial! Thank You Barbara Davenport (Packleader Farm) for the awesome run!!

PNW Fall Herding Trial 9/27/15.

Expertly piloted to HIT from Started Course A by Barbara Davenport. Thank You Barbara!!

Photo taken 6-9-13 Mendenhall Dike Trail (3 years old)

Puyallup Dog Fanciers on 1-14-13 Bebe earns her Championship under judge Mr James Reynolds

Conroe, Texas 12-2-12 2 points under breeder Judge Ms. Linda Robey

At 2.5 Years Old - Photo By Anita Meeks

2012 National Specialty 3rd place with breeder judge Ms. Linda McCarty

Bebe taking third place in a large entry of the BBE exhibitor class at the BSCA National Specialty. Photo by Andrae Kipin Acerra.

Bebe earning her FMD at the BSCA National Specialty. Thank You Kathy Champine for the great photo!

1/19/12 Tualatin Kennel Club - Judge Betty Jo Patrick. 4 point major. Bebe at 18 months and no coat

Photo taken by Cathy Sheeter - Bebe 10 months old

Photo taken by Cathy Sheeter - Bebe 10 months old

On 2-13-11 Bebe picks up a her second major (3 points) under judge Annella Cooper in Albany, Oregon

Photo by Steven Ross

Photo taken by Randy Roberts 1-20-11 at 7 months old Bebe goes WB & BOW for a 5 point Major

Breeder Judge ~ Ms Linda Robey

Photo taken by Randy Roberts 1-19-11 at 7 months old.

Sweeps Judge ~ Ms Pat Putnam

6 Months old

5.5 Months

5.5 Months

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