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Owned by Andy McGregor

BSD3632G46F-VPI, BSDEL134846-VPI

At At about 4 months old Allie broke her ulna bone in her left front leg. The trauma to the leg  caused a premature closure to her growth plate. Allie had surgery on 10/14/05 to help fix the leg. Here is a web site that shows exactly what was done. Vet Surgery Central, Inc

As of October 2014 Allie is  ranked TOP Belgian Sheepdog agility in PACH competition!

Can you tell how proud I am of both Andy and Allie!!!


Allie at 10.5 year old. Taken January, 2016.

At 9.5 years old Allie is still rocking in agility! Thank You Andy for giving Allie such a wonderful home. The two of you are a wonderful team!!

Andy & Allie earning their PACH 3 title May 6, 2012

Photo taken at the BSCA National Specialty 2011

Andy & Allie 10/15-17/2010 earn their PAX!!! Way to GO!!!

Photo by Dog Action Fotos

Photo by Dog Action Fotos

• New Video JWW 1/8/10 of Allie

Photos taken by Ken Kennedy 7/09

Photo Taken by Shelly Brosnan

Photo taken by Sue McGregor 2/09

Allie at the BSCA National Specialty - Photo by Creative Indulgence

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